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Laveen home prices up 4 percent in February

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Home Prices Rise 4% in Laveen

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Through the month of January 2016, Laveen AZ posted a total of 38 residential home sales year to date. The average price of $206,729 recorded a net advance of 4.0% from this time period a year ago. The total volume of sold residential listings in Laveen had a 24% decline from the same time range a year ago, which showed 50 property sales. Read more…

Spotlight on Dobbins Point Neighborhood

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Through December 2015, the Dobbins Point neighborhood in Laveen showed a total of 29 property sales year to date, and the average closed sales price of $283,733 posted a rise of 9.9% from this time range in 2014. The overall volume of sold listings in Dobbins Point recorded a 3.6% advance when compared to this time range a year ago. Read more…

Home Loan Central

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